About Us

Pop culture inspired CUSTOM MADE APPAREL FOR Less

A family run Business Started in the summer of 2014 
My wife and I wanted to bring an affordable high quality custom made product to people all over the world !

we came up with many designs and also had the help of many customers who offered their own ideas and we have been able to bring those to life as well

There are a few different processes in which we create designs 

This first process begins with myself and another graphic designer who comes up with a design and then creates the artwork. Once the artwork is complete we print the heat transfers out on special paper and using the paper we use and heat press to combine the design with The shirt 

Once a customer puts an order through we take the garment and the transfer and make the product. Each item is made to order and no items are pre made. Each customer can choose what designs they would like to add on or to not include on their garment. We give the customer the choice which designs to include. If they'd like a name or a number or their specific design we give them the ability to do so 

Which brings me to our next process. Which is the vinyl laser cutter 

This machine which is pretty difficult to use gives us the ability to create a design that the customer wishes to have and bring it to life. Using special techniques with a computer and special hand tools. It gives us the ability to create a design that goes on the garment in almost minutes

This also uses a heat press at a heat of over 375 degrees which creates a high quality garment that will last a very long time. Wash after wash 

We only use first quality garments. 

We make all these in house. And hire the highest skilled employees we can find

I myself make the majority of these hand made items.